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Latest Release

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Optional Plugins

The following plugins and features are optional and are not included in the main distribution file linked above. To use these features simply download the desired plugin file and include it on your page immediately after the script tag for cycle2. For example, to use the carousel slideshow effect you would declare the following script tags:

<!-- include jQuery -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- include Cycle2 -->
<script src="path/to/your/copy/of/jquery.cycle2.js"></script>

<!-- include one or more optional Cycle2 plugins -->
<script src="path/to/your/copy/of/jquery.cycle2.carousel.js"></script>

Transition Plugins

ProductionDevelopmentDemo Link


A plugin for displaying slides in a carousel. A carousel slideshow differs from a normal slideshow in that it displays multiple images at a time while advancing them one-by-one. Download (2kb) Download (6kb) Demo


A plugin for transitioning slides via CSS3 transformations. Download (1kb) Download (2kb) Demo


A fade/fadeout plugin for old versions of IE. This plugin corrects issues that arise when cleartype is used with opacity. Download (1kb) Download (1kb)


A vertical scroll plugin. Similar to the scrollHorz transition effect, but moves slides vertically. Download (1kb) Download (1kb) Demo


A plugin which supports the classic Cycle Shuffle animation. The shuffle animation is somewhat like moving a card from the top of a deck of cards to the back of the deck, or vice versa. Download (1kb) Download (2kb) Demo


A plugin for tile-based slide transitions. Tile animations break images into smaller sections and transition them out piece by piece. Interesting effects can be achieved by changing the direction, tile count, and speed of the transitions. Download (1kb) Download (4kb) Demo

Functional Plugins


Support for animating captions and overlays. Download (1kb) Download (2kb) Demo


Support for centering slides horizontally and vertically within the slideshow container. You can do this easily yourself with fixed-size slideshows and simple CSS. This plugin makes life simpler when your slideshow has a fluid width or height. Download (1kb) Download (1kb) Demo


If you want swipe events and you're not using jQuery Mobile, download this plugin. This plugin provides support for advancing slides forward or back using a swipe gesture on touch devices. Download (1kb) Download (3kb) Demo


Adds support for autostart/autostop for YouTube video slideshows. Download (1kb) Download (2kb) Demo

Advanced Download

To fully customize your installation, check out the full suite of downloadable files.