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The cycle function can be passed a command string in the form:
The following command strings are supported:
'pause'   // pauses the slideshow, slideshow can be resumed with 'resume' command
'resume'  // resumes a paused slideshow
'toggle'  // toggles the pause/resume state of the slideshow
'next'    // advances slideshow to next slide
'prev'    // advances slideshow to previous slide
'stop'    // stops the slideshow
'destroy' // stops the slideshow and unbinds all events


The following default options are provided by the plugin. They can be overridden by passing an options object to the cycle method, by using metadata on the container element, or by redefining these values in your own code. Lots of cool effects can be achieved by taking advantage of these options, but none of them are required. So override the ones you like and ignore the ones you don't care about.
// override these globally if you like (they are all optional)
$.fn.cycle.defaults = {
    activePagerClass: 'activeSlide', // class name used for the active pager element
    after:         null,  // transition callback (scope set to element that was shown):  function(currSlideElement, nextSlideElement, options, forwardFlag)
    allowPagerClickBubble: false, // allows or prevents click event on pager anchors from bubbling
    animIn:        null,  // properties that define how the slide animates in
    animOut:       null,  // properties that define how the slide animates out
    autostop:      0,     // true to end slideshow after X transitions (where X == slide count)
    autostopCount: 0,     // number of transitions (optionally used with autostop to define X)
    backwards:     false, // true to start slideshow at last slide and move backwards through the stack
    before:        null,  // transition callback (scope set to element to be shown):     function(currSlideElement, nextSlideElement, options, forwardFlag)
    cleartype:     !$.support.opacity,  // true if clearType corrections should be applied (for IE)
    cleartypeNoBg: false, // set to true to disable extra cleartype fixing (leave false to force background color setting on slides)
    containerResize: 1,   // resize container to fit largest slide
    continuous:    0,     // true to start next transition immediately after current one completes
    cssAfter:      null,  // properties that defined the state of the slide after transitioning out
    cssBefore:     null,  // properties that define the initial state of the slide before transitioning in
    delay:         0,     // additional delay (in ms) for first transition (hint: can be negative)
    easeIn:        null,  // easing for "in" transition
    easeOut:       null,  // easing for "out" transition
    easing:        null,  // easing method for both in and out transitions
    end:           null,  // callback invoked when the slideshow terminates (use with autostop or nowrap options): function(options)
    fastOnEvent:   0,     // force fast transitions when triggered manually (via pager or prev/next); value == time in ms
    fit:           0,     // force slides to fit container
    fx:            'fade',// name of transition effect (or comma separated names, ex: 'fade,scrollUp,shuffle')
    fxFn:          null,  // function used to control the transition: function(currSlideElement, nextSlideElement, options, afterCalback, forwardFlag)
    height:        'auto',// container height (if the 'fit' option is true, the slides will be set to this height as well)
    manualTrump:   true,  // causes manual transition to stop an active transition instead of being ignored
    metaAttr:      'cycle',// data- attribute that holds the option data for the slideshow
    next:          null,  // element, jQuery object, or jQuery selector string for the element to use as event trigger for next slide
    nowrap:        0,     // true to prevent slideshow from wrapping
    onPagerEvent:  null,  // callback fn for pager events: function(zeroBasedSlideIndex, slideElement)
    onPrevNextEvent: null,// callback fn for prev/next events: function(isNext, zeroBasedSlideIndex, slideElement)
    pager:         null,  // element, jQuery object, or jQuery selector string for the element to use as pager container
    pagerAnchorBuilder: null, // callback fn for building anchor links:  function(index, DOMelement)
    pagerEvent:    'click.cycle', // name of event which drives the pager navigation
    pause:         0,     // true to enable "pause on hover"
    pauseOnPagerHover: 0, // true to pause when hovering over pager link
    prev:          null,  // element, jQuery object, or jQuery selector string for the element to use as event trigger for previous slide
    prevNextEvent:'click.cycle',// event which drives the manual transition to the previous or next slide
    random:        0,     // true for random, false for sequence (not applicable to shuffle fx)
    randomizeEffects: 1,  // valid when multiple effects are used; true to make the effect sequence random
    requeueOnImageNotLoaded: true, // requeue the slideshow if any image slides are not yet loaded
    requeueTimeout: 250,  // ms delay for requeue
    rev:           0,     // causes animations to transition in reverse (for effects that support it such as scrollHorz/scrollVert/shuffle)
    shuffle:       null,  // coords for shuffle animation, ex: { top:15, left: 200 }
    slideExpr:     null,  // expression for selecting slides (if something other than all children is required)
    slideResize:   1,     // force slide width/height to fixed size before every transition
    speed:         1000,  // speed of the transition (any valid fx speed value)
    speedIn:       null,  // speed of the 'in' transition
    speedOut:      null,  // speed of the 'out' transition
    startingSlide: 0,     // zero-based index of the first slide to be displayed
    sync:          1,     // true if in/out transitions should occur simultaneously
    timeout:       4000,  // milliseconds between slide transitions (0 to disable auto advance)
    timeoutFn:     null,  // callback for determining per-slide timeout value:  function(currSlideElement, nextSlideElement, options, forwardFlag)
    updateActivePagerLink: null, // callback fn invoked to update the active pager link (adds/removes activePagerClass style)
    width:         null   // container width (if the 'fit' option is true, the slides will be set to this width as well)